Fine Art & Landscape Photographer

Hugh Walker


Hello, my name is Hugh Walker. My journey in photography began at school and led to studies at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) where I completed the Diploma in Professional Photography.

I have exhibited my artwork at renowned exhibitions and galleries worldwide. These include galleries in Spain, Italy, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Holland, the USA, Japan, Germany, the Philippines, the UK, Columbia, Mexico, and Barbados. I have participated in several exhibitions hosted by the Blank Wall Gallery in Greece and Italy. In addition, my artwork has been displayed at the Chania International Photography Festival; an exhibition which celebrates the finest works of photographers from across the globe.

My goal is to create artwork with a unique perspective, with images that ignite emotions and transport viewers to the heart of the scene.

 Owning a piece of my art isn’t just about acquiring a photograph. By choosing my work, you are investing in the talent and vision of a dedicated photographer who strives to elevate landscape photography to an art form.

My unique and captivating images are guaranteed to spark conversation. Their beauty will be a constant source of admiration, prompting questions and discussions about the places they depict and the emotions they evoke.

Whether you’re an art collector or someone searching for a single piece of art, I am confident that you will find something on this site with which you will fall in love.

There’s a misconception that photography is purely mechanical. While the camera plays a role, it’s the photographer’s vision that transforms a scene into art. Just like painters use brushstrokes and colors, photographers employ lighting, composition, and perspective to create a mood or tell a story.
Bridgetown Barbados

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